April 14, 2021

DOT Compliance Group – No Scope For Complaints

What matters to us the most is that we are able to deliver on our promise. DOT Compliance Group aim to keep you and your business 100% compliant with regards to the rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We understand that there is a lot more to being a commercial driver or a company that owns and runs a fleet of commercial vehicles. Running a trucking company is not a small responsibility and we at DOT Compliance Group understand that pretty well. This is why we have dedicated our time, resources, and all our efforts towards keeping you compliant and miles away from any fines and penalties.

Keeping You Safe Is Our Motto – How DOT Compliance Works

Like we said before that there is a lot to working as a commercial driver. When you are driving towards your destination there is much you have to be responsible for. If you are operating a fleet of commercial vehicles the responsibility becomes multiplied even further. There are several compliance regulations that should be met in due time if you want your trucking company to work seamlessly and without any interruptions.

These regulations have been put forth by the Department of Transportation. They are enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and this makes them all the more important for you as a part of the transportation industry to comply with.

If you are not able to follow these rules and regulations till the last detail, it might result in serious implications for your business. You can be fined and other penalties might be imposed on your business as well. Your vehicles can be put out of service indefinitely or until further notice.

We at the DOT Compliance Group can prevent that from happening. We specialize in creating customized and fully functional drug and alcohol testing programs for your drivers and all your safety-sensitive position holders to be able to comply with one of the most critical regulations laid down by the DOT and the FMCSA.

“DOT compliance” is simply meeting all the applicable regulations that have been defined by the Department of Transportation. We aim to keep all our clients completely updated about all these regulations and make it our motto to educate them further about several aspects of these compliance requirements such as hours of service, licenses and permits, vehicle inspections, hazardous materials and much more.

Hours Of Service

The working hours of commercial vehicle drivers across the industry are regulated by this important regulation which is the hours of service. It is specifically designed to eliminate any probability of accidents that can be caused by driver fatigue which is a very common reason for road mishaps across the country. There are a set number of consecutive hours that any commercial driver is allowed to operate a commercial motor vehicle and after that they have to take a mandatory rest break. Commercial vehicle drivers all across the country are required to use electronic logging devices to track their hours of service. These are going to automatically record their driving time which will provide reliable data as to at what time they should be taking their mandatory rest break.

Vehicle Inspections

DOT Compliance Group also intends to educate their clients about the various norms and protocols they have to follow regarding vehicle inspections and maintenance. Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are a very critical aspect of the compliance regulations set forth by the DOT. Your commercial vehicles will be put through this assessment and before any of those vehicles can return to the road, their brakes, tires, axles, lights, steering mechanism, and also any emergency equipment will be examined thoroughly for any damage, incapabilities, and defects. According to several studies, DVIRs are very practical and one of the most useful ways to prevent accidents in the commercial transportation industry.

Licenses And Permits

DOT Compliance Group also educate our clients about the various licenses and permits that one has to carry in order to keep their trucking companies and enterprises functional across the United States. A few prerequisites are:

Get in touch with DOT Compliance Group right away if you are unaware of the required compliances or if you think that you are in violation of any such licensing and permits related regulations. If you think that you may face fines and suspension, you may get in touch with our experts right now. We also make it a point to keep our clients constantly updated and educated about various other aspects of DOT regulations such as pre-employment checks, random drug and alcohol testing which is without a doubt the most important aspect and our specialty and also various hazardous materials about which you should always remain updated if you want to keep your employees and safety-sensitive position holders compliant and your workplace safe for everyone.



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