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Is HazMat Permit (MCS 150b) Required for You?

Your permit is mandatory if any of the following apply to you as stated in 49 CFR §385.403:

Radio Active Material

49 CFR 173.403 defines a highway route-controlled quantity Class 7 material. This designation allows for the shipment of such materials via highway, rail, air, or water.


More than 25kg (55 LBs) net weight of a Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 material, or an amount of a Division 1.5 material requiring a placard. (See: 49 CFR Part 172 Subpart F).


A shipment of compressed or refrigerated liquid methane, natural gas, or other liquefied gas with a methane content of at least 85% in bulk packaging having a capacity equal to or greater than 13,248 L (3,500 gallons).

Toxic by Inhalation Materials in Hazard Zone A

Materials in packaging with a capacity greater than 1 liter (0.26 gallons).

Toxic by Inhalation Materials in Hazard Zone B

Materials in bulk packaging have a capacity greater than 450 L [119 gallons] for liquids and a water capacity greater than 454 kg [1,000 LBs] for gas receptacles (49 CFR §171.8 defines bulk packaging for liquids, solids, and gases).

Toxic by Inhalation Materials in Hazard Zone C or D

Materials in bulk packaging have 3,500 gallons.

Understanding Requirements: Initial and Temporary HazMat Safety Permit Applicants

Both initial (new) applicants and those holding a temporary HazMat Permit must adhere to the standards outlined in 49 CFR §385.407.


Current HazMat Registration

A current Certificate of Registration with PHMSA (HazMat Registration Certification).

Safety Rating

A satisfactory safety rating.

Crash Rate

Maintain a crash rate below the threshold set for the current registration cycle, as determined by the FMCSA, which represents the threshold above which carriers are categorized within the top or worst-performing 30 percent of the national average.

Out-Of-Service Rates

The FMCSA has established that driver, vehicle, and hazardous material out-of-service rates below the designated thresholds for each category indicate performance above which a carrier is considered in the top or worst-performing 30 percent of the national average.

Security Program

A satisfactory security program (and associated training) according to 49 CFR §172.802.

Communication System

A communication system that allows the vehicle operator to contact the motor carrier during transit and the maintenance of these communication records.

Written Route Plan

A written route plan that meets the requirements of 49 CFR §397.101 of this chapter for highway route-controlled Class 7 (radioactive) materials or 49 CFR §397.67 of this chapter for Division 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 (explosive) materials.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance on the MCS-90, stating the level of coverage required by 49 CFR §387.9 for the permitted materials being transported.

Criteria for Enhanced Oversight of Carriers

The FMCSA will conduct monthly reviews of SMS scores for holders of non-temporary HazMat Permits to determine if they meet any of the three specified conditions:

A HazMat Permit carrier with a Hazardous Materials BASIC score at or above the threshold for the past two months.
A HazMat Permit carrier with two or more BASIC scores, excluding the Hazardous Materials BASIC, meets or exceeds their respective thresholds over the past two months.
A HazMat Permit carrier that lacks sufficient data over the most recent 48-month period is defined as having fewer than three roadside inspections with violations and a Safety Rating that is outdated by four years or more.

The Role of a HazMat Permit for Carriers


Upholding Safety Standards

The permit process ensures carriers adhere to the highest safety standards, reducing risks associated with hazardous material transport.

Ensuring Compliance

Transporting certain hazardous materials without an HMSP can lead to severe legal and financial repercussions.

Protecting Communities and the Environment

Carriers with a Hazardous Materials Safety Permit are equipped to handle hazardous materials in a manner that minimizes the impact on public health and the environment.

Business Integrity and Trust

Holding an HMSP demonstrates your commitment to safety and legal adherence to clients and partners, enhancing your credibility in the industry.

DOT Compliance Group’s Dedication to Customers

Navigating the complexities of obtaining a HazMat Permit can be daunting. Our team at DOT Compliance Group offers specialized assistance to simplify the process.

Tailored Guidance

We provide detailed advice on HazMat Permit requirements for your operations.

Streamlined Application Process

Our paperwork and compliance prerequisites expertise ensure a smooth application experience.

Training Solutions

The following related training, HazMat Transportation and Placard Training are crucial for keeping up with safety standards and ensuring compliant handling of hazardous materials. These programs equip employees with essential skills for safe transport.

Embark on a Compliant Path in Hazardous Material Transportation

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When Do I renew my HazMat Safety Permit (MCS-150b)?

A Hazardous Materials Safety Permit must be renewed every two years. You must renew your permit within 60 days before the expiration date.

NOTE: If you attempt to renew earlier than the 60-day period, a duplicate HMSP will be issued with the same expiration date as the original, and renewal will still be necessary.