January 7, 2022

DOT Compliance Group Assists Carriers Preparing For HAZMAT Transportation Training

If you are in the transportation business and specialize in transporting hazardous materials (hazmat), your employees need to undergo the HAZMAT Transportation Training. Why is training important? The training will help reduce or (if possible) prevent hazmat incidents influenced by human errors. As long as you deal in transporting hazmat and operate in the United States, undergoing this training is not negotiable and is held in high regard by the relevant authorities.

When it comes to lives, properties, and our immediate environment, the US Department of Transportation and FMCSA have placed strict measures for protection. Therefore, for the transportation of hazardous materials, there are federal transportation laws that govern the concerned entities and one of such laws is the Hazmat Transportation Training.

How DOT Compliance Group Assists Motor Carriers In Getting The Necessary Training

DOT Compliance Group LLC was founded years ago with the primary aim of rendering professional services to the trucking industry. From USDOT number registration, Drug & Alcohol Testing Program, Biennial Update (MCS-150), to HAZMAT Registration, Hazmat Training, and Hazmat Permit. We have been helping hundreds of carriers over the years and our exceptional services speak for themselves.

One of the ways we assist motor carriers is by sending out reminders to employers and owner-operators informing them of what needs to be done. So far, the testimonials we have gotten from the reminder notifications we send out are amazing. Some of our customers have testified of how our support team saved them from failing to comply with the USDOT rules and regulations.

As for HAZMAT Transportation Training, the reminder notifications we send out contain everything a carrier needs to know about Hazmat training. We let the concerned entities know what the training is all about and also inform them of the consequences of not adhering to the rules and regulations laid down by FMCSA. To even make it worthwhile, we have a team of professionals that handle anything that has to do with Hazmat – Hazmat Registration, Hazmat Permit, and Hazmat Training.

Training Requirements For Hazmat Transportation Company

If you operate a Hazmat transportation business, you need to test and train all the employees under your watch. Also, you must ensure that your employees’ training is certified and documented for future reference. Failure to do this means you are operating your business illegally and there are civil penalties that await you. At DOT Compliance Group, we care about motor carriers and we want them to remain compliant all the time.

According to the United States Department of Transportation and FMCSA, Hazmat Transportation Training must include the following:

  • Security awareness
  • General awareness and familiarization
  • In-depth security training, peradventure a security plan is needed
  • Safety
  • Function Specific
  • Driver Training – This training is specific to any Hazmat employee who will be in charge of driving and supplying hazmat to different locations across the country.

These are the training needed by employees of a hazmat transportation company that is registered in the US. DOT Compliance Group is legally approved to offer this training to employees of hazmat transportation companies. We have been training and certifying employees of hazmat transportation companies, and so far, we have one of the best teams that offer exceptional training.

Frequency Of Training

For a new employee who just got a job in a hazmat transportation company or one who changes job functions, you need to complete the hazmat training within 90 days of getting the job or changing your job function. A new employee may take hazmat job functions before the completion of his training as long as the employee is under strict supervision from a well-trained employee that is knowledgeable about Hazmat requirements.

According to the rules of the USDOT, one hazmat training is not enough. Recurrent training needs to be carried out once every 3 years. The 3-year period begins to count from the date of completion of your training. If you are moving to another hazmat transportation company and your training status is still valid, you may use your training to satisfy your requirements in your current job provided your training records are documented and can be obtained from the previous source.

Expired Hazmat Training – What Happens Next?

In a case where your hazmat training has expired and you haven’t retaken the hazmat training before the expiry date, you will not be able to carry out jobs that have to do with hazardous materials in compliance with the laid down rules and regulations. It is advisable to take the training before your previous training expires so that you can remain compliant with the rules. Before your training expires and you haven’t deemed it fit to retake the hazmat training before the expiry date, it would be left to your employer to decide whether your initial training will be enough to keep you on the job.

Keeping Training Record

Hazmat employers have to document every training record of their employees. Below are the details of what records are to be kept:

  • The name of the employee that took the hazmat training
  • The completion date of the most recent hazmat training. This is essential in case an employee moves to another company. His records can be used in the new company as long as the training status is still valid.
  • The address and name of the company in charge of training your employees
  • Materials used for training (copy, description, or venue)
  • The personal address and name of the individual responsible for training your employees
  • Certificate to prove that an employee has been trained and approved.

All hazmat employers must ensure they keep this record for all their employees for at 3 three years from the day the training was conducted, and for 90 days before the employee leaves the company.

DOT Compliance Group LLC Will Help You Stay Compliant Always

At Dot Compliance Group, it is our pride to assist hazmat transportation companies to stay compliant with the regulations set out by the Department of Transportation. For this reason, we send out reminder notifications to create awareness of what needs to be done at the right time. We have helped countless businesses to maintain their operations by helping them with any compliant issues. As a Hazmat transportation company, we will be glad to offer all the services needed to keep your trucks on the road. Whether you are looking for Hazmat registration, Hazmat training, or Hazmat permit, we have a competent team that will take the burden off you.

Our support team is to help you improve your business by staying compliant all the time!



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