January 7, 2022

7 Benefits of Completing Hazmat Training with DOT Compliance Group

Whenever we hear the word “training” or “school”, there is always a daunting feeling that comes with it. However, if you must run a Hazmat company, it is expedient that you train your employees for safety purposes. Even if you are an owner-operator, you also need to meet the guidelines set out by the US Department of Transportation.

Research shows that about 3 billion tons of Hazmat (hazardous materials) are shipped annually. To ensure the safety of the drivers and the people around them, getting hazardous materials training is essential for every employee in the sector. To ensure that employers and owner-operators adhere to the laws, strict penalties are put in place for any defaulter.

At DOT Compliance Group, we strive to offer exceptional services in the transportation industry and we have been one of the top players for years now. While we offer a wide range of services such as Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training, Unified Carrier Registration, DOT Registration Number, Biennial Update (MCS-150), etc., we are also a top player in Hazmat Registration, Training, and Hazmat Permit.

Unlike in time past when receiving training has to be done in the traditional way, technology has made things quite easy for humans. Presently, you don’t have to disrupt your day-to-day activities just because of the hazardous material training. In fact, you don’t need to make any long commute just to attend a training that can be done online. Nevertheless, are online hazmat training courses as effective as traditional training? Of course, yes, with some added advantages.

Benefits of Online Hazmat Training

The essence of taking the hazmat training is to enable you to get the required certification needed to work with a hazmat company. Over time, we have discovered that most students enjoy taking their courses online when compared to the traditional method of commuting to a training site.

There are various benefits of online hazmat training and below are some of the benefits of taking your training online.

Online Training saves Money: Unlike on-site training where you need to make a long commute to get to the training center, there is nothing like that with online courses. The price of gas is quite expensive, going and coming from the training center will cost you some good money. But if you choose to take your courses online, you don’t need to commute anywhere and you learn from where it is most comfortable for you.

Work at a pace that is convenient for you: In the traditional way of learning, you have to put everything on hold. This can be challenging for adults and may even discourage a lot of people from taking a course. In today’s world, there are uncountable things we need to attend to, and every adult needs to plan well to execute things. If you decide to attend an on-site training, some of your other activities might suffer, thereby making life not so pleasant to you. However, with online courses, you work at your pace without ever worrying about an event to attend or leaving your pet home alone.

Your instructors are always there for you: If you go with the traditional way of learning, it might be difficult to contact your instructors whenever you need their help. This is not a good thing because it can be stressful and even delay your certification if you don’t get the right information from your instructors. This is not so with online training. If you enroll in DOT Compliance Group Online Hazmat Training, you won’t have to worry about not being able to reach your instructors. Our instructors are always happy to offer help to students.

Expert Instructors: If you enroll in our online hazmat training program, you will be taught by certified instructors. All our instructors have years of relevant experience in the transportation industry and have helped thousands of students to get their certification. Also, with the level of knowledge they have in online activities, our instructors know how to use the right resources and teaching terminologies to educate students. Everything you need to get certified for hazmat certification will be given to you by our instructors.

Easy-to-use online platform: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to be able to take your hazmat training from DOT Compliance Group. We have a convenient learning interface that allows you to stop and resume your training whenever you want. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, nothing should stop you from taking your hazmat courses in a convenient manner.

Interactive sessions: At DOT Compliance Group, we provide interactive sessions as you go through your courses. This seems to be very effective because no one would be shy or intimidated to speak or ask questions. Also, as you progress in your training, there are learning checks and exams to take. This is to ensure that every student is well taught and understood all the information given to them.

We have friendly instructors: At DOT Compliance Group, we have some of the friendliest instructors to lecture you on your online hazmat training. Having friendly instructors means you will be able to build a solid student-instructor bond, which will aid your learning process. Our instructors will take you through all that you need to satisfy the required hazmat training set down by the United States Department of Transportation.

Training Requirements For Hazmat Training

For every employer engaged in the transportation of hazmat, you must train your hazmat employees, certify their training, and have a complete record of your employees’ current training. A standard hazmat training must include the following:

  • Security Awareness
  • Function specific
  • General awareness and familiarization
  • Safety
  • In-depth security training
  • Driver training (this is meant for hazmat employees who will be driving a motor vehicle)

Starting Your Online Hazmat Training With DOT Compliance Group

At DOT Compliance Group, we offer one of the best online hazmat training in the United States. Our expert instructors are friendly and have years of experience in the industry. It is our commitment to render amazing services to employers and owner-operators in the transportation industry, and we have been serving for years now.

To start your online hazmat training, get in touch with us to get all the information needed. We will give you the best experience ever during your training.



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