June 3, 2022

What is the Mexican Carrier (MX) Number? How to get it?

MX Number is assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to Mexico Domiciled carriers who want to operate within the United States and across the United States/Mexico international border commercial zones. 

In addition to the MX Number, Mexico Domiciled carriers also require a Mexican Certificate of Registration for commercial-zone operations, or long haul Provisional or Standard Operating authority registration, and a USDOT number.

How to get a Mexican Carrier (MX) number

Filling the MCS-150 form is the first step toward getting your Mexican Carrier (MX) Number.

Now depending on the type of transportation, a Mexican Domiciled carrier can consider the following operating authority:

  • Commercial-Zone Authority: Commercial Zone areas are along the southern U.S. border, or locations described in 49 CFR 372, subpart B that are free from certain regulatory provisions. 

The applicant can visit the Unified Registration System to complete an OP-2 form.

  • Long Haul Operating Authority: Long-distance transportation covered by the commercial Trucks for a distance of 250 miles or above. 

The applicant has to complete the OP-1 (MX) form.

  • Designation of Agents: Form BOC-3

After completing the OP-2, OP-1 (MX), and BOC-3 forms, the applicant has to mail them to the address mentioned in each form. 

For Long Haul Operating Authority carriers have to pay a Non-Refundable fee, payment instructions are described in the OP-1 (MX).

Estimated time to get a Mexican Carrier Number

The estimated time to obtain Mexican Carrier( MX) Number varies depending on the application submitted and the means by which the application is submitted.

  • The USDOT number can be obtained online on the day the application is submitted.
  • OP-1 (MX) is processed within 4-6 weeks after completion of the application.
  • It takes approximately 4 weeks to issue Commercial-Zone Operating Authority after completion of the OP-2 form.

After the application is processed, the carrier has to submit to and pass a Pre-authorization Safety Audit (PASA). Once the PASA is completed, the FMCSA will notify the carrier about the results and of the requirement to submit evidence of insurance to FMCSA.

Simultaneously, the carrier information will be published in the FMCSA register to allow for a 10-day protest period. 

At the end of the protest period and upon the receipt of evidence of insurance and the BOC-3, Designation of process agent form, the provisional authority will be issued.

But getting the Mexican Carrier number can be a complicated process and there is no room for an error. An error will put an extra burden on your pocket and also require more time to get your Mexican number. 

So let a professional handle this process for you. DOT Compliance Group has years of experience in the trucking industry, and we have helped a number of carriers to get their MX numbers. 

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