June 28, 2021

Take DOT Compliance Group Letters as Important Reminders

At DOT Compliance Group, we take pleasure in making sure that all our clients stay up to date with the USDOT rules and regulations. Our reminder letters and awareness messages have saved dozens of companies in the transportation industry from being penalized by FMCSA.

If you own a trucking company or are a CDL driver with a vehicle weighing more than 26,000 lbs., there are strict rules set in place you must comply with.

While these rules might look trivial in the eye, trying to stay compliant with the rules can be so daunting and exhausting. Even when you try to stay compliant with all the policies set out by USDOT and FMCSA, it takes a reminder from a professional company to help keep track of all the rules.

In the process of trying to help our clients to stay compliant with the drug & alcohol testing program and other mandatory services, DOT Compliant Group has taking it upon itself to constantly create awareness for its clients by sending out reminder letters.

So, what are some of the services we offer that require us to send out letters to employers and owner-operators in the transportation industry? The next section below will cover areas where the DOT Compliance Group letter is important.

Different Scenarios Where The DOT Compliance Group Letter Will Help CDL Drivers

We shall be looking at four different areas where the DOT Compliance Group letter will help save you from being non-compliant with the DOT regulations.

1. Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

The Unified Carrier Registration is done every year, and it pertains to CDL drivers that engage in interstate travel. This act was enacted in 2005 and it requires all motor carriers and other entities to register every year.

This is just one bit of the numerous rules you need to bear in mind to stay compliant with the Department of Transportation.

While this registration can be done online, many drivers have fallen victims to the penalties and fines that come with not complying with this act. In some cases, some companies have doled out thousands of dollars as fines just to keep their business running.

However, with the professional services of DOT Compliance Group, you will get every awareness needed on UCR and other regulations. We strive to send letters to our clients reminding them of the UCR registration.

2. The Biennial Update (MCS-150)

There is an online portal for motor carriers to file the MCS – 150 DOT Biennial Update. According to US DOT, every motor carrier is expected to file the Biennial Update every two years.

If you are not sure whether to file the biennial update or not, speaking to a compliance consortium like DOT Compliance Group will help you clear any doubt.

Truth be told, the transportation industry is a very busy one and it is easier for an employer or owner-operator to forget some of these regulations. However, with DOT Compliance Group letter, it will keep you reminded of the Biennial Update and other things you need to comply with throughout the year.

Failure to stay compliant with this regulation may lead to the deactivation of your DOT registration number and other penalties of up to a thousand bucks per day.

3.  The Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

Of all the rules and regulations set out by USDOT and FMCSA, the drug and alcohol testing program is one of the most vital. This testing program is very sensitive because it involves the lives of drivers and the citizens at large. 

How does this drug and alcohol testing program work? It is expected that CDL drivers with vehicles weighing over 26,000 lbs. enroll in a third-party random drug & alcohol testing consortium such as the DOT Compliance Group.

Once you are enrolled, a random selection of drivers from the pool is expected to do the drug and alcohol test every month throughout the year. 

50% of the drivers will be selected for the drug test, while 10% for the alcohol test every year. Since it is random testing, it is possible that you are called upon multiple times in a year, and also possible not to do any test throughout the year.

Nevertheless, you need to be vigilant in order not to go against the rules. As a client of DOT Compliance Group, you need not worry about this program because you will receive a reminder letter whenever you need to take any of the tests.

4.  Supervisor Training On Suspicious Drug And Alcohol Abuse

This training is meant for drivers and supervisors holding safety-sensitive positions in the transportation industry. The training comprises 60 minutes on symptoms of controlled substance use and another 60 minutes on symptoms of alcohol abuse.

The essence of the training is to help supervisors in identifying possible conditions that may lead to reasonable suspicion testing.

This supervisor certification is a must for every supervisor occupying safety-sensitive positions and it is the duty of a professional consortium such as DOT Compliance Group to create awareness among employers and owner-operators in the transportation sector.


At DOT Compliance Group, we take it upon ourselves to ensure every registered driver under us stays 100% compliant with DOT and FMCSA. However, to make this possible, it is necessary to send out reminder letters from time to time. 

Therefore, we call on all our clients to receive these reminder messages and act on them if need be. We want to see you get all your vehicles on the road without any disruption from FMCSA. 

We will keep doing our best to send out any new development from the Department of Transportation. As long you are enrolled with us, rest assured of staying up to date via our letters.

We hope this article helps to clear every doubt with regards to the reminder letters we send out from time to time. Thanks for reading to the end.



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