May 4, 2022

Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) Issues & Challenges You Should Be Aware Of

Are you facing any issues with your Standard Carrier Alpha Code? There could be a few errors with the verification process of your SCAC number. A lot of carriers and trucking companies face this problem every now and then.

You must have an SCAC number in case you are an exporter or a transport company intending to deal with US government agencies. You will also need a lot of information on record that must be filed with various government agencies before you enter the US through any adjoining borders.

All carriers must register with the NMFTA which is the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. It is required of them to have their code in the Automated Export System.

The Following Are The Three Most Common Errors And Solutions To Them When You Face An Invalid SCAC Issue

If Your SCAC Is New And Hasn’t Been Entered Into The AES

So, you have just received your SCAC number. You must add the same to your AES. You are required to get a copy of the letter from the NMFTA. It should state that your SCAC is valid.

Now all you have to do is put this same information in front of the AES staff. Request them to add your SCAC to the AES. This is it. Problem solved.

Has Your SCAC Number Expired?

This is also an error but mostly it is just inevitable. If you fail to renew your SCAC number, you will end up facing this problem. In this situation, the carrier needs to get in touch with the NMFTA at their official number. From there on out finding out the procedure for SCAC number renewal is very easy.

Other Issues That You Might Face With Your SCAC

If you are facing any other problem, you can directly call the AES. Speak to their representative and convey your problem to them in the simplest words.

According to the National Motor Freight Traffic Association the SCAC codes are maintained regularly. You should visit their official website for more information. 

What is The Standard Carrier Alpha Code?

The exporters, importers, and trucking companies involved in the transportation and logistics industry need a standard carrier alpha code to work with US government agencies.

The SCAC is a specific code that helps government agencies identify transportation companies. It includes freight container carriers and freight forwarders as well.

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association issues your standard carrier alpha code. Transportation companies that have elaborate business connections with the US will find it mandatory to have SCAC codes.

A few situations that necessitate having this code include:

  • Carriers that have signed the Uniform Intermodal Interchange of Facilities Access Agreement must have their SCAC code with them.
  • According to the United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, it is important to have SCAC for carriers and trucking companies that make use of Automated Commercial Environment, Automated Manifest, and Pre-arrival Processing Systems.
  • The Food and Drug Administration needs you to acquire your SCAC because of the Prior Notice System Interface to track imported foods.
  • Regardless of what US government agencies you want to do business with, a SCAC code is mandatory.
  • If you intend to do business with any US commercial shippers, whether involved in the petroleum, automobile, or forest products industry, you will require a SCAC code.
  • The same applies to chemical industries, retail businesses, ocean container drayage, railroad piggy bank trailer carriers, and several other sectors as well.

In the end, you must remember that numerous commercial shippers and receivers will need you to carry your SCAC with you. It is useful in freight bill audit and payment systems as well.

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