How it Works – DOT Compliance Group

USDOT drug & alcohol policy in accordance with requirements of 49 CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382 requires that active drivers must participate in random screening of a minimum of 50% drug testing and 10% alcohol testing each calendar year. We offer services that help you stay in compliance with Federal laws. DOT Compliance Group LLC provides the following services:

1. Federal Custody Control Forms (CCF’s) from Quest Diagnostics are sent to you (owner operator) or your Designated Employee Representative (DER) upon enrollment. You may request additional CCF’s at any time.

2. We offer DOT certified testing with Quest Diagnostics Laboratories and we provide a list of DOT certified collection sites in the Quest Diagnostics Network.

3. We offer DOT certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) services.

4. We provide your organization with a DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy prepared in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382.

5. We provide Email/Fax/SMS/Mail notifications of randomly selected drivers to their respective DER (or owner operator).

6. We automatically add new drivers to the testing pool upon receiving negative pre-employment drug test results.