May 11, 2023

MCS 150 Update: A Comprehensive Guide for the Trucking Industry

The MCS-150 biennial update is not complicated at all. The federal motor carrier safety administration and the department of transportation have stated clearly that you need to file this update every 2 years regardless of whether you have made any changes to your company’s information or not.

If you have operating authority and work actively in the trucking industry, there are a few rules and regulations that you have to follow if you want to stay 100% compliant throughout the year. There are strict measures in place, especially relating to the MCS-150 form. These are for the safety of every motor carrier working in the United States. MCS-150 form filing is one of those requirements.

The MCS-150 Update – Making Compliance A Necessity

It’s an obligation you can’t escape, but we’re here to help make it simple. The MCS-150 update is a must-do every two years for all trucking companies. This update ensures that you provide the authorities with the latest general information about your business, including the mileage your vehicles have traveled in the previous year. There are also critical details directly related to your business operations that need to be included. It may seem like a hassle but, this update helps FMCSA enforce rules and regulations that keep everybody on the road safe.

Fines And Penalties To Be Wary Of

Remember, if you do not comply with these rules laid down by the FMCSA, your USDOT number may get deactivated. Also, there are several fines and penalties that you may have to pay and can be very expensive.

The MCS-150 Biennial Update Form – Let’s get the timing right

The FMCSA requires all carriers with a USDOT number to fill out the MCS-150 or MCS150B form every two years. The last digit of your USDOT number is going to denote the year you will file your update. For example, if the last digit is a even number you will file your update every even year such as 2024,2026, and 2028. If the last digit is a odd number you will file your update in 2023, 2025 and 2027. To know in what month, you must file in you have to look at the second to last digit of your USDOT number. If that number is a 1 you have to file in January 2 is for February, 3 is for March, and so on. If you have a 0 that is for October which is the last month in which any update is required unless you missed a previous update. Usually, motor carriers and transport companies prefer the services of their third-party administrators to file this update. You can file it through the FMCSA portal online if you choose.

Have You Forgotten To Update Your Company Information Using The MCS-150 Form?

Companies often overlook this crucial update, but failing to comply can have serious consequences. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) takes these rules and regulations seriously, so it’s vital to stay on top of them.

To ensure compliance, it’s essential to provide accurate and relevant information on the MCS150 update form and submit it every two years. This information is used to score companies’ compliance and safety accountability, so accuracy is paramount

Failing to file the form means risking your company’s DOT compliance status, potentially resulting in the loss of your USDOT number and hefty penalties.

Keep The Biennial Update Form Error-Free

You will also have to make sure that there are no errors in your MCS-150 form. In such a situation, your form will be rejected. You have to fill out a new form every 2 years anyway. This process can be frustrating and very annoying if you haven’t got the hang of it yet. This is where your third party administrator comes into the picture.

The History Of The Biennial Update

You will be surprised to know that the federal motor carrier safety administration was only instituted in the year 2000. Motor carriers were always required to file the MCS-150 form but only once which is when they began their operations. The FMCSA thought about changing this one-time submission rule into a biennial submission routine to improve the quality of its database. Also, keeping a tab on these companies and maintaining their security in addition to ensuring that all are 100% compliant just became very easy after converting it into a bi-annual update system.

And To Wrap It Up For You

In the end, remember that this little update however frivolous it might sound to some motor carriers and transport companies is highly critical. This is what keeps you compliant with the various rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. If you are still having difficulty understanding the MCS-150 form and are not aware of your compliance needs, connect with your DOT compliance provider today.



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