June 28, 2021

How To Avoid DOT SCAM: Tips From DOT Compliance Group

Internet scam is something that has come to stay, and unfortunately, there is little we can do to put an absolute end to it. Of the different scams online, our major interest in this article will be about DOT scams.

Recently, we noticed some unscrupulous elements sending out bogus emails to our clients on our behalf. Their major aim is two things; to scam our clients of their hard-earned money and to tarnish the reputation of DOT Compliance Group. This is why we decided to put out this article to help our clients be on alert.

Most importantly, DOT Compliance Group is legit and has been in the business of offering exceptional services to the trucking industry. All our operations are legitimate and we are legally backed by DOT and FMCSA to carry out our services. For no reason would we indulge in unethical practices that would lead to our clients’ detriment. We value our clients and it is our duty to protect you from any DOT scams.

Before we jump on the tips you need to follow to avoid DOT scams, it is pertinent that we briefly talk about the services we offer.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

FMCSA has partnered with third-party consortia such as DOT Compliance Group to help with this testing program. As an employer or owner-operator, it is required that your drivers enroll in this testing program to stay compliant. It comprises a drug test and an alcohol test. Drivers are selected randomly to participate in the testing program. However, with our services, rest assured everything will be handled professionally.

UCR Registration

As part of the compliance policies set out by USDOT, it is required that motor carriers register their vehicles every year. Failure to do this will lead to fines and penalties. At DOT Compliance Group, we help trucking companies handle this registration seamlessly.

Training of Supervisors in Safety-Sensitive Positions

We also train supervisors in safety-sensitive positions to help identify any scenario that may lead to reasonable suspicion testing. This will help reduce the rate of accidents caused by drug and alcohol abuse by employees.

Biennial Update (MCS-150)

This is an update that is required every two years. It doesn’t matter if you change any information about your company or not. Failure to adhere to this registration may lead to the forfeiture of your USDOT number and fines running in thousands of dollars.

These are the services we offer at DOT Compliance Group and our operations are legitimate.

Now, to help curb DOT scams and keep our clients free from scams, we will talk about some steps to take to avoid any unscrupulous act.

Tips On How To Avoid DOT Scams From Internet Fraudsters

The following tips below will help you avoid being scammed by internet fraudsters.

1. Confirm the email address sending you emails

The process of DOT scams starts by sending out emails. Once you are able to quell it at this stage, then there would be no need to talk about scams anymore. So, how do you know if an email is coming from DOT Compliance Group or not? You need to know the authentic email address of our company. Here is it:

You have to check the email address carefully because these scammers are clever. They can change just a letter in the email address and it will take a diligent look to spot the difference.

2. Do Not Click On Links You Are Not Sure About

Phishing links are what internet fraudsters use as bait to getting their victims. If you are not sure about where a link is coming from, you shouldn’t click on it. In fact, once you are able to find out that the email address is not from us (following the first step above) do not click on any link in the email. If you do, these links will direct you to a page where your personal information will be stolen.

3. Put A Call Through To Us

We are open 24/7 to receive calls from our clients. If for any reason, you are not sure about an email letter you received, please try to confirm with us before taking action.

To get our phone number or any other information, you can visit our website:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see our contact details. Our phone number is: 855-368-7233

4. Keep your personal information safe

Dot Compliance Group is legit and won’t ask you to provide some sensitive information about your credit card. Do not be hasty in acting when it comes to making payment. As a rule of thumb, if you are being pressured to make a payment, take your time to assess the whole situation. No legitimate business will put pressure on its clients or customers when it comes to payment. This is a trait of fraudsters and they do that because they know you can easily find out the truth if given enough time.

5. Use your instinct

The majority of the people that are scammed always say they have an inner inclination not to go on with the payment. That is their instincts talking to them. Once your mind is telling you not to take any action, please pause and make the necessary findings. You can put a call through to us to confirm if truly the message was from us. In most cases, your instinct will not fail you if you put it to use.

Final Word From DOT Compliance Group

It is pertinent to reiterate that DOT Compliance Group is legit and has been operating for years in the United State. We are legally approved by USDOT to carry out our services in helping CMV drivers stay compliant with FMCSA rules and regulations. To help avoid any DOT scams, please follow the tips in this article and report any fraudster that is trying to scam you.

We are already working with the relevant authorities to clamp down on those perpetrating these evil activities.



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