Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is required by DOT to be in a compliant random drug/alcohol testing program?

A. Required for anyone with a CDL license that operates a vehicle over 26,000 lbs or anyone who operates a passenger vehicle of 16 or more capacity.

Q. I’m an owner-operator with no other driver(s). Do I need a drug and alcohol testing program?

A. Yes. DOT regulation specifically states you must participate in a random drug and alcohol testing consortium.

Q. I am already DOT compliant, but how do I transfer to DOT Compliance Group consortium?

A. Upon payment of annual fee, you will be emailed enrollment form for you records which will also be needed for any DOT audit purposes. You and/or your employee(s) will be immediately added to the random testing consortium by your confirmation employee has negative drug test on file and has been in active DOT compliant drug/alcohol testing consortium in last 30 days.

Q. I haven’t been DOT compliant, so what do I need to do now?

A. Being compliant on your drug/alcohol testing program is not as hard as some make it out to be which is why we are here to simplify the process and work with you on every step. Of course, the quicker you can be compliant with DOT’s drug/alcohol testing program the less likely any adverse fines or removal of operating authority would be likely. You can change nothing about past non-compliance, but you have every opportunity right now to have peace of mind for you and your company by becoming compliant.

Q. What does DOT Compliance Group provide for my compliance if I’m audited by DOT?

A. We provide complete audit assistance for all necessary records that would be required by DOT: enrollment certificate, testing results, consortium overall testing results and enrollment, year-end MIS statistical report of your company’s compliance for the year, drug & alcohol policy now as will be asked for later, and “etc” which is anything else required by DOT for confirmation such as chain of custody forms for each test and MRO test result forms for each drug test.

Q. What costs other than annual program management fee are there?

A. The standard annual program management fee is $199 for both owner/operators or companies with multiple employees. DOT compliant drug test is $99 per test inclusive of MRO fees and DOT alcohol tests are also $99 per test. Follow-up and return-to-duty tests, resulting from previous positive test by employee, are $99 due to DOT requirement to be observed. No payment due at any of the 10,000 approved testing sites nationally and client’s card on file will be charged.

Q. How am I notified for testing and how long do I have to complete testing?

A. All random testing requirement notifications are communicated by email pass-code protected and time/date recorded upon receipt of opening. For owner-operators, random selection of drug tests are to be completed within 24 hours and alcohol tests within 3 hours (circumstances considered).

Q. Where do I go for testing and do I have to pay for it when I go?

A. We provide you access to over 10,000 approved testing locations nationally including all 50 states. Simply show up to the testing site with either your personalized chain of custody form or alcohol testing form, take the test and you or your employee will be on your way.

Q. What are the six testing situations required by DOT?

A. 1) Pre-Employment—no previous negative drug test on file.
2) Random Test Selection—employee was randomly selected during testing period.
3) Post-Accident—required for fatality, moving violation citation with disabled vehicle or moving violation citation and medical treatment for anyone away from accident.
4) Reasonable Suspicion—as determined for testing by supervisor.
5) Return-To-Duty—required testing from previous positive test.
6) Follow-Up—required additional random testing after employee returns back to duty.

Q. How long until test results are made available?

A. Alcohol test results are immediate as results printed out from EBT device or saliva swabs. All DOT drug tests have to be sent for laboratory and MRO (Medical Review Officer) evaluation. Negative tests are resulted, updated in system and communicated usually within 2-3 business days by email. If a sample is “presumptive positive”, this means that for example someone has levels of codeine in their system from recently taking a prescription after getting their wisdom teeth out. The MRO will then contact the donor in order to speak directly with their doctor to confirm prescription was provided by doctor and detection levels are within range of prescription.