August 12, 2021

Received a call from (855) 585-5005? Avoid Common Misconceptions

DOT Compliance Group is a third-party consortium dedicated to rendering professional services to companies in the trucking industry. Some of the services we offer include the biennial update (MCS-150 form), drug & alcohol testing program, Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), and drug & alcohol supervisor training.

The trucking business comes with a lot of rules and regulations to follow. Failure to do so attracts fines and penalties that may lead to the closure of your business. The USDOT and FMCSA hold their policies strongly and the policies are aimed to protect lives and properties.

To make sure that we offer exceptional services to trucking companies, DOT Compliance Group sends out letters and put calls through to employers and owner-operators in the industry. The calls and letters are only meant to create awareness about any new development in FMCSA’s regulations and to act as reminders of any compliance issues.

However, there have been a lot of misconceptions about receiving calls from (855) 585-5005. A lot of people have attributed this phone number to scammers trying to swindle innocent people of their hard-earned money. (855) 585-5005 belongs to DOT Compliance Group, and we have come out to put an end to every misconception associated with the phone number.

5 Common Misconceptions To Avoid About A Call From (855) 585-5005

Below are 5 common misconceptions about receiving calls from the aforementioned phone number:

Misconception #1: Calls from (855) 585-5005 are coming from scammers

We have heard some people say the number belongs to scammers. That is very far from the truth. (855) 585-5005 is one of the official numbers of DOT Compliance Group. Our company has been in existence for years now and has been rendering exceptional services to clients all across the United States. Whenever you see a call coming in from (855) 585-5005, don’t be scared of taking the call because it is from DOT Compliance Group.

For you to receive a call from the aforementioned number, you likely run a trucking business. If that’s the case, the call is just to give you useful information or remind you of an impending compliance issue. Taking the call won’t cause any harm, instead, it might save you from unnecessary penalties and fines from FMCSA.

Misconception #2: Taking calls from (855) 585-5005 will give the caller access to your credit card

While it is true that there are a lot of scammers out there trying to swindle money from naïve people, not every online activity is connected to scam. There are still thousands of genuine businesses that are striving to deliver amazing services to their clients and customers. Receiving calls from (855) 585-5005 will not give anyone access to your credit card information. The truth is, no one can get access to your card information just by a phone call.

(855) 585-5005 is a genuine phone number that is coming from a company that is legally approved by the relevant authorities in the United States.

Misconception #3: DOT Compliance Group is working with FMCSA

Dot Compliance Group is not working with FMCSA. We are an independent company that is registered and legally approved to render DOT compliance services to motor carriers. In fact, some of the DOT registrations are free and anyone that has the time and effort to do the registration can do so by himself/herself.

However, going through the processes involved in complying with FMCSA rules and regulations can be challenging and frustrating in most cases. Any little error during the registration process will get your form rejected and sent back to you. To save yourself from all the stress and frustrations, DOT Compliance Group takes it upon itself to offer professional services to you for a small fee. So, receiving a call from (855) 585-5005 is not coming from FMCSA but DOT Compliance Group, and our company is not affiliated with FMCSA.

Misconception #4: Calls from (855) 585-5005 are calls of threats

DOT Compliance Group will never call to threaten you to make any unsolicited payment. Our services are genuine and we only get paid when we execute an assignment for you. Some of the things we do include the form MCS 150 filing every two years, drug & alcohol testing, Unified Carrier Registration, etc. If you receive a call from the aforementioned numbered, it definitely has something to do with DOT compliance.

We are not FMCSA and we do not dish out any fines or penalties to anyone that breaks the rules. Our mission is to sensitize trucking companies of what is needed to be done and let them know the implications of not complying with these rules and regulations.

Misconception #5: Picking up calls from strange numbers is not good

It is always a good idea to pick up calls no matter where the call is coming from. Hear what the caller has to say before concluding. A company can have more than one phone number and may try to reach you with any of the numbers. In this case, (855) 585-5005 belongs to DOT Compliance Group, and we use the number to contact our clients. Most trucking companies hardly remember all the rules and regulations of FMCSA. Our calls could serve as reminders and even help you execute any compliance issues.


DOT Compliance Group is a registered company that is operating legally in the United States. We are providing professional services to trucking companies all across the US. From time to time, we put calls through to our clients reminding them of any latest development concerning their compliance status.

We own the phone number (855) 585 5005 and call our clients with it. Therefore, if you have been having any misconceptions about receiving calls from the aforementioned number, this article should put an end to it.



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