June 1, 2022

Critical Requirements For Obtaining A Mexican Carrier Number / MX Number

If you are a trucking company/carrier and want to understand the cross-border operating requirements for Mexico-domiciled motor carriers, you have come to the right place. The following section should be able to answer all your queries including how to get an MX number and what the requirements and process for MX number application are. Let’s begin:

What Is MX Number And What Is Its Importance?

The Form OP-1(MX) is used to apply for or register for the MX number. According to the FMCSA, it is mandatory for every Mexican carrier company to register for the relevant Motor Carrier Authority if they want to operate in the US and beyond its many municipalities and commercial zones. If you as a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier are in the process of applying to the FMCSA with a Form OP-1(MX), you must not have a conditional or unsatisfactory safety rating from the USDOT or your application will be rejected.

Who Needs A MX Number?

If you are a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier and want to enter the U.S. to do business, you must have an FMCSA-assigned MX number. This is a necessary document that the FMCSA issues. It is equivalent to a certificate of registration or you can consider it as an operating authority of sorts that allows you to operate in the US. You must also have a valid USDOT Number along with it.

How To Get A MX Number – In A Gist

Understanding Your MX Number And Your Certificate Of Registration Along With US DOT Number

It is going to take you a little bit of time to obtain your MX number or operating authority. It depends on the application that you have submitted. You can obtain your US DOT number online quite easily. You will have to submit a complete application form for the purpose. It will take around 4 weeks to get issued. There is also a thing called long-haul operating authority registration which is your OP-1 MX number (more on this later). Your application should take at least 4 to 6 weeks to get processed.

MX Number Requirements – A Brief Overview

If you are a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier, you will need an MX number in case you decide to cross the U.S. border.  If you don’t have this, you can apply for an FMCSA Certificate of Registration or an Operating Authority and also a USDOT Number.

MX Number Application Process – Things You Should Be Aware Of Before You Apply For It

  • As a carrier, you must submit to and pass a pre-authorization safety audit. When you have completed it successfully, you will be notified of the results. There will be a few requirements that you will have to fulfill while submitting proof of evidence to the federal motor carrier safety administration.
  • After this, the carrier information will be published in the FMCSA register. There is also a 10-day protest period that follows after this and at the end of this period, after your BOC 3 designation of process agent form submission; you will be issued a provisional authority.
  • Make sure that you submit a correctly filled out MX number application only. If it is not filled out correctly, it will be returned to you to make corrections. 

Operating Without Authority? Understand The Repercussions

If you are operating without your MX number or authority, you will be most likely put out of service. As a carrier company, you will be subject to certain fines and penalties as well.

Waiting For Your Certificate Of Registration For Commercial Zone Operations

Yes, you will have to wait for this certificate. If you are a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier, you will have to be there to receive your certificate of registration for commercial zone operations. This is also your provisional operating authority registration for all your long-haul operations. This authority is going to take you beyond your commercial zone. You can only operate in the United States when you have received this documentation from the federal motor carrier safety administration.

Changing The Type Of Authority You Have – For Mexico-Domiciled Carriers

After you obtain your MX number and your operating authority or certificate of registration, you are required to submit a new OP-1 (MX) form or an OP-2 form/application and also pay a fee to obtain a new or change your operating authority.

So these are a few requirements that you should take care of when applying for your Mexican carrier number.



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