September 8, 2022

7 Reasons Your Trucking Business Needs a DOT Compliance Manager

We all know that the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier safety administration have the responsibility to protect the public using the highway systems of the country. They’re responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the entire transportation system as well.

They do it by keeping the trucking players and commercial motor vehicle drivers compliant with DOT rules and regulations. If you are a trucking company, you must also make sure that all your drivers, managers, safety-sensitive position holders, and everyone working in your company abides by the standards established by the department of transportation and other state and federal governing bodies.

Note: Who Must Comply With DOT Compliance?

Any company governed by the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier administration must comply with DOT compliance. These standards, rules, regulations, and protocols relate to the safety of the public and everyone using the highway systems and comprise the following:

  • Prevention of usage of drugs and alcohol while driving 
  • Adhering to all the inspection protocols and maintenance requirements laid down by the DOT and FMCSA 
  • Meeting all driver qualifications 
  • Adhering to all the rules laid down by the authorities regarding hazardous material carriage regulations
  • Meeting all the general safety requirements laid down by the government, the state, and federal bodies

Remember, if your trucking business doesn’t meet any of these requirements, you can face heavy fines and penalties. You may also be disqualified from performing any commercial driving activities across state lines.

The biggest purpose of a DOT compliance service provider is to ensure that you are compliant with all these rules and regulations. They are going to make sure that you do not violate any of these rules and that your business is functional throughout the year.

But this is not all. There are many reasons to go for a reputable DOT compliance manager or solutions provider. They are also known as third party administrators and DOT compliance facilitators. Let’s have a look at these reasons right away:

1. The Peace Of Mind You Are Looking For

The first and the most important reason to look for the services of a DOT compliance officer is the peace of mind that he can ensure for you, your partners, and associates.

They can help you lighten your paperwork, documentation, and record-keeping regarding all the compliance requirements. They can assist you in many aspects of compliance such as:

  • USDOT number registration 
  • LLC registration 
  • Setting up your employer identification number 
  • Policy and procedure developments 
  • Motor carrier or BOC-3 registration 
  • IFTA and IRP registration 
  • Insurance guidance and support 
  • Audit support and assistance 
  • Heavy vehicle use tax filing

2. Easy Compliance Assistance With State And Federal Laws

Remember that there are several rules and requirements laid down by the federal as well as state governments. If you want to become a successful trucking company, you must pay attention to all of them throughout the year.

You must meet all the requirements given by the federal motor carrier safety administration and the department of transportation without missing any of the deadlines.

When you have a managed compliance service partner working with your company, you can receive timely guidance, consultation, support, and insights, and can keep yourself educated on any rules and policies regarding:

  • International Registration Plan 
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement 
  • Permit acquisition 
  • State operating authority process guidance 
  • Intrastate-only operations 
  • Motor carrier / BOC3 information 
  • MCS 150 updates 
  • Unified Carrier Registration

3. You Can Save A Lot Of Your Time And Money

The entire point or purpose to engage with a dependable third-party DOT compliance manager or professional is to save as much time and money as possible. Remember that it is never a good idea to go for a full-time human resource or set up a dedicated department to look after your compliance needs.

It is going to cost you heavily in the long run. Instead, a more practical option is to go with a third-party administrator that can add more value to your business without costing you a mountain of money. They can take care of all your documentation, paperwork, and important filings related to your compliance without you having to stress over them even for a second.

Note: Who Is A DOT Compliance Manager?

A DOT compliance manager makes sure that your company maintains compliance throughout the year with federal and state regulations that are important for maintaining the safety of everyone using the highway system.

As a DOT compliance manager, you are an expert in driver qualification requirements and also have tremendous practical knowledge of the random DOT drug and alcohol testing program.

4. Driver-Related Compliance Services

Now, there are several driver-specific compliance services that you should be aware of too. There are very precise and detailed driver compliance requirements as well laid down by the federal motor carrier safety administration and the department of transportation.

For example, maintaining the driver qualification file is a very critical task under 49 CFR Part 391. You cannot possibly imagine handling all of this paperwork on your own. This is essential if you want to pass the FMCSA safety audit.

There are some other requirements as well that are specific to the state that you are operating in. If you have the services of a dependable FMCSA compliance services provider, you are sorted.

5. Keep Yourself Away From Any Costly Mistakes

You are in the trucking industry. You cannot afford to make any costly mistakes because they are not only going to create a dent in your finances but also harm your reputation in the market. For example, just filling out an incorrect DOT application form can lead to the rejection of your request.

It is going to not only cost you money, time, and resources but may also delay the process by several working days. Because the department of transportation and FMCSA have specific rules and guidelines before you can fill out certain forms again, you will have to abide by them to remain compliant. Also, if you end up filling in the wrong detail in any online form, it might hinder the operations of your business on the ground.

6. Avoid Fines And Penalties

Can you afford your driver being suspended for a month or two? Can you afford your vehicles to be impounded by a DOT roadside inspection officer? You must ask yourself these questions before violating any of these rules and regulations.

There are heavy fines and penalties for anyone who commits these violations, and it can be very detrimental to forget your submission and filing dates in any case. But this is what a skilled, qualified, and experienced DOT compliance management firm is capable of ensuring for you.

7. It Is Important To Stay Updated

You will need the DOT compliance manager to update you on all the regulations relevant to your company. Without their valuable insights and industry knowledge, keeping your business operations throughout the year will become very difficult.



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